Friday, July 25, 2008

I was taking pictures for someone's family album...
Here is one of the girls...

She was comfortable in front of the camera.
So comfortable, it was almost unnatural. (Can it be?)
Then, after the session was over, I followed her to the stables nearby.
When she was "modeling" it was great, but when I caught her "naturally" it was even better.

Nothing beats the beauty of people being who they are.
Go ahead,
Be Real.  
It's beautiful.


Anonymous said...

especially the first picture is natural...real beautiness has a lot to do with being doesn´t look too much as if she was posing for you...more then enjoying the wind flattering through her hair...this pic omehow has the spirit of beeing free....


Igno van Niekerk said...

Hi Sue,
I must say, it was one of the most wonderful models I've ever worked with, and yes, I must say, the whole shoot conveyed a sense of natural freedom and optimism -