Tuesday, July 15, 2008

I promised my family that I would be taking a walk with them.  And then, while walking, the light just started to gain magic qualities.  Clouds moved in.  I took out my camera.
And I stayed, while they walked on... The last rays of sunlight touched two old willows.
I was hurried to take the shot.  My family was walking away...
One seems to be caught up between choices almost all the time.  
Finding the balance is hellishly hard to do! 
 Yes, I did catch up with them, and they did forgive me for keeping only part of my promise.  
And I was reminded again that we are striving to be happy and to keep others happy, but it's not as easy as it seems.  
We all make choices, sometimes right, sometimes wrong, and sometimes we don't even know whether we are right or wrong.  
Just remember, no one has a 100% success rate.  So if you succeed be grateful, if you fail, learn from it.  
Never have regrets, rather have memories.  
Regrets hurt.  Memories teach.
The choice is yours.


Anonymous said...

Lovely photograph!

Thanks for joining us in the Geographic Composition series. :)


Dewdrop said...

Beautiful advice.