Thursday, October 21, 2010

Stop signs

Sometimes we get so occupied in "the flow" of  life's demands, that we forget about the tremendous power of just "stopping" every now and then. It's much better to take a break than to be forced by circumstances (deteriorating health, destroyed relationships etc) to take a break. Sometimes it's just taking some time to be quiet, to reflect, and yes, to think. 

We tend to be rushed by he rush, hurried by the hurry and ruled by habits.
Sometimes changing the habits can assist us in not getting involved in the rush, the hurry and the general urgency of "life's" demands.
In order to focus on what is important and not be caught up in what is urgent, we need to stop.
So, when stopping seems impossible - it's time to stop.

Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Interesting things...

Sometimes we throw stuff out. Sometimes we keep it.
Scrapyard or scrapbook...
The decision is mostly based on our perception.

In the era of digital photography, there is so much more "stuff." It has become an art to decide what to keep and why.
Focus is not only finding something to focus on, but also determining what to keep out of the frame. And that is one of the most difficult choices  (in life and in photography) - to decide what we really want, and not to be tempted by the world of marketing and advertising, but rather to stay focused on what we have framed/dreamed/envisioned and what will eventually be remembered as "the bigger picture."