Sunday, January 24, 2010

In love

It was Helgo Shomer who reminded me last week about the fact that when we are in love, we view the world differently. 
As I was taking pictures of this couple today, their sense of fun and interaction reminded me once again that we have a choice to be in love with life, or to take it for granted.

People who are in love with life celebrate the challenges and the victories, people who fall out of love with life are blinded by the obstacles and the defeats.
Nature, like a camera lens, is neutral.
It's the eye and heart of the beholder that makes it good or bad.
Do you still look at life through the lens of love, laughter and living?

Friday, January 22, 2010

A girl and a horse

Mostly photographers look for eye contact - still, sometimes it's all about the moment.

As she walked away, I pressed the shutter - some will say: "Not a great photograph," because of the rules. Others will realize it's about enjoying the moment.
We need to do it more often - Moments are made to enjoy.
They're our gifts.
That's why it's called: The Present.

Thursday, January 21, 2010

Fun people

As I was taking pictures of this family, it was just fantastic to see them interact.  There was a consistent sense of fun and good-natured humour.

So often we fail to just "be in the moment" or "go with the flow." Actually that's when we really can be our true selves.  Still we make it difficult, we try to look professional, sophisticated or fancy.  When it's actually easy to be all three.
If we just be who we are...

It's so much easier than we think, because it comes naturally.
If we let it.