Wednesday, July 16, 2008

A great opportunity!  We could go and see steamtrains in action.  
And take pictures!
All because someone had realized that these trains needed to be taken care of, else they would be destroyed.  At Sandstone Estates, near Ficksburg in South Africa, these trains are kept and often used for specific events.  As the trains whistled and huffed past us, I realized that we have a uge obligation to play our part in conserving things that really matter.  
Things which evokes nostalgia.
Things like steamtrains.

Maybe we need to understand that sometimes the pictures are not enough!  It's the conservation of and the caring for "real things" that matter!  
So, what are we doing about our heritage?
It matters.  
If we appreciate where we come from, what shaped us and who we are, then we can face the future with confidence. 
It's after all where the railway track of life is taking us!


Anonymous said...

Love the photographs!

They aren't linking to anything. Any chance we can see larger versions? Too wonderful not to see!


Igno van Niekerk said...

Hi Andy,
Will see what I can do!
I would like to share bigger pix, but have to consider feedburner sizelimits for the e-mail subscribers ...
But I will make a plan!