Monday, September 13, 2010


Forrest Gump changed the way we look at shoes forever.
As I was taking the picture, I thought about the miracle of shoes. You know, it's not only about the physical's also about the footprints they leave and the footsteps we follow...
Stepping into someone's shoes - or wearing another's moccassins.
It's all about progress and empathy.
And maybe the two goes hand in hand. The older I get, the more sensitive I become to others...
And it's when I open my eyes that I realize my own shoes, the worn tattered ones. The memories and moments I have experienced -  fit me best. They're mine, to loathe or be proud of.
It all depends on my interpretation.
My story.
And my choice of story reveals my character.
Forrest's mama said that you could tell a lot about people by looking at their shoes...
My shoes tell the tales of where I've been and where I am going - and that says a lot about who I am.
And sometimes, just sometimes, I walk barefoot.