Monday, July 28, 2008

For 27 years, Nelson Mandela was in prison to "fight" for his cause:
A few years ago we had elections in South Africa.   
The posters against the lampposts reflected the whole community.
As a kid was walking past, I took this picture.
I wondered whether he knew that someone had "sacrificed" in order for him to be free.
Wherever you are today, celebrate the fact that you are free.
And be grateful.
Someone made a sacrifice for your freedom.  
Make it worthwhile.


Anonymous said...

respect to Nelson Mandela who was fighting for his ideals with his live...who would have died for it not only for himself...for the whole country...
the boy maybe won´t think about the fact someone had to fight for freedom becouse he doesn´t know whata lack of freedom mean...knowing about the value of something often goes together with missing something you had before...being dehydrated makes you think about how tasty and refreshing a simple glass of water can be...


Lelia van Niekerk said...

stunning shot