Sunday, December 04, 2011

Christmas presents

What a wonderful privilege I had this week - staying over in the wonderful Nieu Bethesda. But one of the most wonderful opportunities was to witness the arrival of Santa (Father Christma) in the local township. The great moments of anticipation as the kids waited for the red-coated, grey bearded man to make his appearance.
The atmosphere was loaded with happiness, energy and the wonderful overexcitement of kids - waiting for someone to bring them something small, yet something beyond the ordinary. You won't believe the difference a packet of sweets can make!
Afterwards there were happy faces everywhere...
I realized once again that every day we've got something to look forward to, we choose the wonderful anticipation, be it for the sun to rise, colleagues to see, something to do...
We can look forward to something, or we can look up to it...
It's up to us.
Just remember, we are still children at heart! We have the right to look forward to every day with eager anticipation!

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