Sunday, November 27, 2011

Welcome to Shangri-la

Time has stood still for a while. And therefore I am so privileged to be blogging again. Over the past week, I had one of the experiences of a lifetime, sharing in the knowledge of Bruce Copley & Associates. Bruce's website is at, and one of his associates, Michelle, has a website at:

Now this blog will suit as a memory to some of the lessons I have learnt, but also to share some of the pictures of the event with my fellow delegates. You see, like in the words of Henry David Thoreu, we "went to the woods because we wanted to live deliberately, we wanted to live deep and suck out the marrow of life..." all under the guidance of a wonderful teacher. And all at a wonderful place called Shangri-la.

Anyone who has ever experienced a session with Bruce will know to expect the unexpected...

You see, we all have to learn to look at life from a new perspective, a new point of view, a new self. Too often we look at our surroundings from an old paradigm, but a small change in angle can make such a tremendous difference...
 And very often we have to learn that we are not the only inhabitants of this wonderful planet. There are others who see things from a different point of view. As I looked at the wonderful trees, I wondered what it would look like if you were an ant. Just think, from a bit above an ant's point of few, grass looks like this:

As humans I think we often need to stand back in awe at the everyday miracles we tend to miss! You see, we often don't realize how small we are, until, - behold - what can you find in everyday places?
 The footprints of God:

And yes, on our way through life, with our fellow travellers, there are moments of fear...(the photo below does not show how steep the downhill is, but it is all reflected in Marsha's eyes:

But once you go through the barriers of fear, there is always the gift of wonder!

 Is it not true that once we appreciate the wonders out there, we really appreciate our own presence and power in the web of life?

Is it not then that we know that we are all composers of and dancers through a gift we often forget to unwrap, a gift we all have, a gift called life?

So next time that someone brings you something seemingly meaningless,

Just go on your knees, be grateful, and see how meaning presents itself:

Now, I do hope that this blog will give you something to reflect on...and yes, the story will continue...

Until we talk again, remember to have a grateful heart, a conscious mind and a loving soul.

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