Monday, February 09, 2009

Ask any photographer about the nature of light, and learn about the light of nature.

Every season brings its own glorious light. There's the yellow-brown of autumn leaves, the fresh pink blossomy arrival of spring, the white of frost in winter and the luscious green of summer grass. Every season brings the gift of color. And so often we forget that the seasons in life bring color too.

Sometimes life seems cruel and unkind, yet every winter predicts a new spring. Somehow we need the dark cold nights of winter to appreciate spring even more.
Whatever the season - appreciate the light!


Unknown said...

The light and the shot are stunning

Lelia van niekerk said...

Beautiful! is this in the orange free state by any chance? enjoying your blog. Lelia van Niekerk

CrazySmurf said...

Hallo Lelia -
yes 100% - Just outside Bethlehem on the Fouriesburg road!