Wednesday, May 05, 2010


Interesting that we call ourselves human "beings," not "beens" or "becomings."
It's all about the power of the moment - it all happens so fast. Great moments are captured at dazzling speeds. 1/125 of a second gives you great "exposure" on a sunny morning -
We measure in hours, days and minutes.
We live in fractions of seconds.
Like the person on this picture.

We knocked on his door. Early on a Sunday morning.
He did not expect us, but he enjoyed the surprise: "Ah a bunch of Photographers - Come on in!"
Nothing was posed - this is how it was - no masks, no preparation, no make-up.
Just humans being - being human - human beings.
We need more of all of the above!

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ostman said...

Enjoyed the message of the post; and the photograph. :)