Sunday, April 25, 2010

In the moment

In life, we often measure life in years, days and hours. In photography moments are captured in "parts of a second" (splitseconds). One is often astounded by the amount of things that can happen "in a moment."  When the Mitchells got married, the rain came down.
Especially after the sermon, when we were supposed to take the pictures.
We literally had only the moments.
And the moments were great.
We had to rush around, find the scenes and get the pictures.
Some would call it frustrating.
They called it adventurous.
And when it comes to moments, our choice of interpretation makes all the difference.

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Charles Mitchell said...

It is these moments that we will never forget... And thanks to a wonderful photographer, we captured these wonderful (adventurous) moments.

We can now look at a picture, and remember our most wonderful day.

Thank You!