Thursday, September 04, 2008

They said there was nothing to photograph.  They said it was a boring country road.  They said it could not work on a misty morning.  
But I went out.
And I took this picture...

Because they are merely voices in my mind.  They are critics without reason.  They are voices of reason in a world of dreams...
They are needed sometimes.
But sometimes we need to listen to the voice of unreason. 
Because all breakthroughs are made by unreasonable people - people who hear other voices, voices that come from deep inside, from forgotten selves - voices that tell them to keep going when it does not make logical sense.
The voices that actually matter - because they are not "theirs", they are "ours".

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Wenchy said...

"They are critics without reason."

Dion asked me to look at your web site and I am glad I did. The above sentence is very powerful for me today... thank you.