Friday, August 08, 2008

Frames are fascinating. They can often make or break a picture. And as human beings we often talk about have a "frame of reference" or a "framework" etc.

So often people "frame" themselves as victims, forgetting that we have a "frame of mind" with which we approach life.

As a photographer, I am consistently looking for frames. One tries to remain aware of the different frames that can be used, like in this picture:

And I have learnt that if I go out with the right frame of mind, the right pictures often appear. So how's your "frames" with which you view life? They are more important than one may think!


Sue-San-E said...

frames are why having borders in your life? they are mainly existing in one´s mind...going over your own mind set borders can be a wondrful eperience...the head is round that thoughts can change direction...not that they stuck at borders ;-)

have a great rest of the weekend...

Igno van Niekerk said...

Hi Sue -
Agree with you - so often borders are limiting although they never actually exist!
Enjoy your weekend


Boundaries is also necessary in our lives to keep is focused and then we will experience life more relaxed and fulfilling.

Thanks for the beautiful thoughts.

Photo Cache said...

fantastic images. wonderful blog. hopped from carol's blog.

Igno van Niekerk said...

Hi - enjoy your blog as well! Will add to blogroll - love the pix and words.

Linda said...

Absolutely LOVE this image. Even though I know about frames within frames, I often forget when I'm out photographing. Glad to be reminded of it by this beautiful photo.