Monday, June 30, 2008

As I drove to Vosburg, a little town in the Karoo, I still felt "a bit hurried".  It seems to come with modern life.  You know, the busy-ness of business.  After walking through the town during the afternoon, before my presentation, I just started switching off.  The pace of the town, if it can be called a pace, was just so slow.  So present.  So real.
And because I slowed down, the day spent there felt like a long holiday...
So when I drove back, I had time to watch the clouds.  I took the time to stop.  It's my time anyway, is it not?
And I found this...

So, where are the small times of your mind?
Do you visit them often?
If not, make time, it's worth it, every second of it.
Like life.

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